About Us

Dear Devotees,

It was a period of 1944, before independence of India. The Ganeshotsav started by Lokmanya Tilak in order to develop integrity had become a festival in future. At that time the atmosphere was exciting and overwhelming. The members of Navratrotsav Mandal decided to continue this fervour of festivity. In 1944 the navratrotsav started by installing the Puttyachi Devi in chawl no. 19. In 1945, Navratrotsav celebrated by making an image on the usual place (In the space between chawl no. 1 & 19). At that time, a businessman Mr. Balsheth Raikar had helped a lot.

Since 1946, the goddess Bhawani mata has become an example of vigilant goddess (Jagrut Devasthan). Mr. Sawardekar an image maker was admitted in hospital at that time goddess Bhawanimata appeared in his dream and gave a vision in his dream to establish the goddess in naigaon permanently. After recovery Mr. Sawardekar told this thing to all members but some of them didn’t believe it but after considering all information regarding this everyone realised that Mr. Sawardekar was speaking the truth. All the members decide to make the image of goddess with sandalwood (Chandan). It cost Rs. 700 but it was a large amount at that time. All the members by collecting an amount according to their capacity gave the sum to Mr. Sawardekar. That image was made in one steam od sandalwood. After navratrotsav that image used to be put in one room and praise & worshipped throughout the year. Since, that time the devotees are looking upon this goddess as vigilant goddess (Jagrut Devasthan). Its realisation occurred in 1984. After remembrance of this incident gives thrilling experience. It was a day of navami in navratra the devotees had been taking a darshan of goddess Bhawanimata since morning. In the evening, the fire caught the pandal and there was a great commotion. No one could not understand what to do but, everyone was thinking that the image of goddess Bhawanimata should be safe. Despite consequences some members leapt into the fire and took out the image safely.

This incident happened as if the goddess Bhawanimata wished to live here throughout the year. The senior citizens gave remembrance of 1956. Ultimately it was decided that a big temple to be built on the place and everyone started to the work sincerely. This brainwave got encouragement and aid from all over Mumbai. The plan of building temple of Bhawanimata came into existence on 4th Nov, 1993. For this project, Mr. Ganesh Naik the minster of labour Excise & Environment gave a great contribution. The formal inauguration of this temple had been going on for their days. Parampujya Swami Shri Ganagngiri Maharaj, Hindu Hriday Samrat Shivsena Chief Balasaheb Thakare and Mr. Daji Panshikar were present at the ceremony. It proved a golden moment in the history of Naigaon. The local M.L.A. Mr. Kalidas Kolambkar gave great support as well as Mr. Vijaysinh Mohite Patil gave great help.

This little effort is to review the history of this temple. Any institution of mandal grows & thrives only because of sincerity & perseverance of the members fortunately this institution (Mandal) got a lot of such volunteers. The notable personalities must be mentioned here are the Late Mr. Balsheth Raikar,the Late Khandu Sheth,the Late Mr.Krishna Phatak,the Late Sambhaji Sarfar,the Late Bhagawanrao Pawar,the Late Laxman Shinde(Mama),the Late Govind Powalkar,the Late Wamanbuva Khopakar. These members did an auspicious begining and the small begining has transformed into a large movement of Naigaon.

Aadishakti,Aadimata of Naigaon has become popular as wish fulfilling goddess.Because of her atmosphere has become very auspicious and pious.It's not mere temple but the Gangotri of social work getting to the houses of the poor and the labourer.we wish that all these people should be socially and educationally developed. we have planned a scheme of development of temple through a fund of local M.L.A. Mr. kalidas Kolambkar. Samajmandir has built with the Mr. Arvind sawant,Shivsena M.L.A. The renoration of pandol sheet is being done by the corporator ,Mr.Hemant Doke started competitive exam guidance centre in MPSC/UPSC/BANKING collabaration with Omkar Career Academy Mr. Santosh Pawar sir and his teaching staff are giving guidance to the aspiring & needy students. we have organized the Medical camp with the aid of serajem & sanjwel five hundred patients took benefit of this camp. Every year we arrange S.S.C.(VyaKhyanmala) lectures & career guidance camp.we help needy people to avail themselves of the diagnosis & operatios performed under the scheme of RajivGandhi Aarogya Yojna. we gave the economical aid to the people affected by famine in Maharashtra. we make our campus available for the pulse polio campaign conducted by municipal corporation.we arrange Bhavanimata cricket Tournaments every year. we arrange appriciation pragramme for the meritorious & successful students in S.S.C, H.S.C & degree Exams.

In the effort of making the campus of Bhavanimata temple clean & beautiful,a Marrellous gate was erected in the lime-stone between the two building. For this undertaking a great donator Mr.Uday Master gave monetory help.in the construction of temple as well as in all other successful undertaking we got a great support from the honourary personalities like Mr.Kalidasji Kolambkar-M.L.A,corporator Mr.sunil More ,Mr.Datta Divekar, Mr. Ramesh Pawar, Mr. Dattaji Pawar, Mr. Hitendrabhai Sanghoi, Mr. Prakash Bhimanpalli, Mercahnt Association, Nigaon, Mr. Suresh Jain, Mr. Prakash Gunavantilal, M/s Suman Motels Ltd.

We express gratitude towards all the best-wishes. We are intending to undertake many social service oriented events and undertakings. With the zeal and enthusiasm of the volunteers support given by donators and your blessings, we are proceeding towards Amrit Mahotsav. We pray the goddess Bhawani Mata to give us success. We wish that you all devotees participate with us in this happy and pious atmosphere.

Yours Sincerely,
Naigaon Sarvajanik Navratrotsav Mandal